Solvay Brussels School Economics & Management 42 Avenue Franklin Roosevelt R42 Atrium 1050 Brussels
November 15, 2022 18:15

Crack the Case - Learn to transform customer data into personalization

Want to learn more about how companies are using data to improve their customer experience and personalization?

The Solvay Digital Society is delighted to present its "crack the case" workshop in partnership with Human37 on customer data strategy and personalization.

Who is Human37?

Human37 is the first Customer Data agency in Brussels. It aims to help companies improve their customer experience. Human37 combines business tools and technology to define, design, and implement a customer data strategy that will improve customer experience and business growth.

In this workshop, Human37 will share with you a real life consulting case for a client. They will guide you through the initial problem and their process to find a solution using customer data. You will learn how to implement step by step a strategy to match the company’s expectation. More specifically, you will get an insight into how customer data can be used to customize customer experience.

If you are interested, register and don't miss this unique opportunity.