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IT manager
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Don't be afraid of not mastering a particular skill. We are all here to learn and develop ourselves the best way we can. This  is why we need motivation. We will primarily analyse your eager to learn


Are you into
Design ?

Imagine the bulb lighting up. Yes, that is imagination. This is what we need.

We are looking for someone who would learn design principles, present stunning creative design ideas.

We give you the opportunity to master designing tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop or even Canva. As soon as you enter the club, we will give you workshops about those tools.


Are you always in time ?

You see that calendar there ? What does it evoke you ? Relief. If that is the case, you right on spot.

We are looking for someone who would love planning posts, find the best time to post on the best social network. Being able to transmit a clear message with all the information we need is a must.

We give you the opportunity to plan marketing campaigns, to test posts on our targeted clients and you are free to do the best you can. You will master tools such as Excel, Advanced Calendars function, track event with Eventbrite and much more.


Are you
curious ?

Didn't you asked yourself how this website have been made ? Or how that stunning animations are interacting with each other ? If so, you are our IT guy.

We are looking for someone who would love to maintain the website up to date, track our visitors and analyse what event are functioning better than others and see why ?

Webflow, Excel, Google Analytics and Hotjar will be the next tech that you can add to your CV. 


Do you have
good tastes ?

You see, in life, food has always been the center of attention. A good event has to be well catered.

If you are attracted by good dishes and beverage, know what place to chose, enjoy preparing good atmosphere for events and much more, you are our person. And don't be fool, the food is also for us. You will make the team as well as yourself enjoy good drinks and dishes.

Here, Excel will be your best friend. Also, our last logistic team also be glad to introduce their list of good spots.


Count. Spare.

Even if, currently, there is more monopoly money printed than actual money, we still need someone to keep an eye on our pocket. 

If you are particularly interested to manage organisations' accounts, this is the way to go. We are looking for someone who would love to ensure that the organisations' accounts are not negative.

Again, Excel will be your day-to-day tool. 


Be part. We chose.

It is pretty common for people to have difficulties when choosing a direction in their life. You see that guy there ? He probably needs a compass.

And that would be our role. Let us be your compass and evaluate what position suits you the most.


Take an insight on what previous members think of the club


La Solvay Digital Society m’a permise d’approfondir mes compétences organisationnelles tout en comprenant encore mieux certains aspects du digital.


My experience at the Solvay Digital Society was great. I joined the marketing team where I developed new skills such as managing social media, the website and creating original content. I really enjoyed the fact that I was able to « implement » my ideas. Moreover, I met new people and had fun to work with them.


Les deux années passées au sein de la SDS m’ont appris énormément de choses d’un point de vue pratique : comment prendre des responsabilités, respecter des deadlines et gérer une équipe n’est pas si facile et s’apprend sur le terrain. J’ai eu l’occasion de rencontrer des gens formidables au sein de la team, mais aussi un tas d’entreprises avec qui on travaille main dans la main. Le fait de voir les étudiants satisfaits après nos événements est la plus belle des récompenses, c’est la preuve qu’on peut avoir un impact pendant notre petite aventure à l’université. Si c’était à refaire, la seule chose que je changerais... c’est de rejoindre le club plus tôt !


En tant que Logistic Manager à la SDS, je me suis occupée principalement de la partie organisationnelle de l'événement. De la réservation des locaux à celle des micros en passant par le choix du traiteur, j'ai fait en sorte que chaque événement ce passe aux mieux pour la team, les speakers ainsi que pour les participants. En tant que membre de la team logistique, ta tâche sera de faire en sorte que tout se passe bien le jour J. La SDS m'a donné l'opportunité unique de développer des soft skills et de découvrir le fonctionnement d'un club étudiant! Un comité soudé, des tâches variés et des challenges n'attendent plus que toi.


Mon expérience avec la Digital Society Le tout premier club que j’ai rejoint et mon club préféré. Même si le thème du data ne me disait pas grand chose au départ, cela n’a pas été un frein pour mon poste de marketing manager. Les membres sont bienveillants et gentils, prêts à m’aider en cas de pépin donc je n’ai pas eu de soucis à me faire. Ce fut une année riche en expériences et je compte continuer à grandir avec la SDS l’année prochaine.