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Analysis of the SARS-CoV-2

Updated: Mar 31

The new virus arrived from China a few weeks ago and Italy has been quarantined since the beginning of the week and many other European countries are doing the same amid the outbreak of the new virus outside of China.

After Donald Trump's decision to close its border to European countries. The financial market is plunging all around the world, it is been the worst day in history for many stock exchange, Bitcoin's price is going down to below €5,800 which is a 25% price drop, the VIX volatility index is, on the other hand, soaring because of the uncertainty on the world's economy and finally the oil Price crash continues despite $1.5 Trillion Fed Intervention.

However, as a data analyst, it is important to control your fear and not panic, we should look upon fact and what else than a good dataset to better understand the new coronavirus? Enjoy !