Data Challenge


The Fourth Year in a Row !

The whole team is thrilled to announce that there will be a Data Challenge next year ! Through this challenge, we aim to arouse the interest of our community for data science but also to create a community that shares the same passion. In addition, we also make it a point of honor that our challenge stays accessible to everyone, both beginners who build their first model as well as more advanced. From this perspective, all the participants will again have access to a free DataCamp account in order to start with the basics, for the beginners, or to acquire additional knowledge for the most advanced of you.


A tremendous 19-20 edition on the making !

Thank you all, you came up huge this year ! The Solvay Digital Society is proud to announce that nearly 250 students enrolled in the challenge. The schedule is now rolling and the inscriptions are closed. If you missed it, we will be thrilled to welcome you next year !

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In case you've missed our Data Challenge Recruitment event, here are the slides !

Data Challenge Recruitment Slides


Frequently Asked Questions

I should not come to the Recruiting Event if I am not sure to participate in the challenge.

This is wrong. The Recruiting Event creates no obligation ! It is only an informative session in order to give you more details about the whole schedule, the scope and other practical info. At the end of it, we will submit to you the registration form that you have to complete if you want to be officially registered for the Data Challenge.

Can I compete alone ?

Of course yes ! However, we truly believe that you can achieve more if you team up with someone else. So if you are currently alone, don’t wait and ask your friends to join you ! If they don’t find this challenge funny and interesting…

  1. replace them !

  2. come to the Recruiting Event ! We will try to find someone to team up with you !

Do I have to be a master developer to attend this challenge ?

Of course not ! The competition is open to anyone, from the beginners to the most advanced of you. Every participant will have access to a free DataCamp account, allowing him to acquire great skills before the challenge by watching small videos and completing exercises. Doing so, we ensure that anyone can fill the gap and catch up with a bit of motivation. The 3 most active of you (i.e. those achieving the most and with the most XP on DataCamp) will even be rewarded with a great prize !During the first semester, we have also set up workshops especially for you to give you the opportunity to train yourself in the challenge’s topic. Conclusion : it is all about motivation !

Is it open to the Solvay students only ?

Noooo ! We want to make our challenge as broad as possible, so we accept anyone, not regarding your study field, your university or even the country you come from. The only condition is that you have to be a student ! Let’s make this competition a giant and epic student battle !

What will be the programming language ?

We will ask you to develop your model in Python, being one of the most popular and trendy language at the time. It provides you with large standard libraries where most of the highly used programming tasks are already scripted into it, limiting the length of the codes to be written !

And what about the spoken language ?

Everything will take place in English : workshops, events, the DataCamp account etc. If you are not familiar with Shakespeare’s language, this might be a little hurdle for you.


Our Partner


Being the key partner, Bisnode will provide the business case that you will have to resolve, as well as the dataset that you will use to develop your model. The winning groups will also have to thank the company, while all the prizes will be offered by our partner.

But it doesn’t stop there ! Prof. Pierre Deville will also hold workshops that will be specially set up for the participants, in order to familiarize them with the topic of the Challenge !